I am 21 y.o. self-taught, awarded, creative filmmaker.
I've got 4-year experience in low-budget productions,
especially music videos and advertisements.
My key skills are: digital video editing/compositing/effects
(preferably in Sony Vegas) and photography.
Oh, I forgot inventing crazy ideas and stories.

Oh really?

Yes! And the best is, that you can hire me.
I can make an unique and surprising film for you, or plan an advertising action as well.
You can make me just an assistant, but believe me:
I will be better as the director.

Unfortunately, I can't guarantee you a high-end quality.
I can't be "ice-cold pro". I'm not perfect.
Look, I don't have fucking front tooth! But,
do you doubt the toothless man can do a crazy job?

I like that!

If you really do, please contact me. If you don't, check out links below
(my CV, my showreel, my YouTube channel, my student portfolio)
and then, please contact me. It costs nothing, but may be inspiring for you.
Thank you.


Ps. I am available in London, UK and Lublin, PL area, depending on current season.
But, if you pay well, I will move my lazy ass anywhere else.